10 Reasons Why We Love Kangen Water At Mount Maunganui


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The Team at Mount Maunganui Chiropractic has been drinking, bathing in and using Kangen Water for over 3 years and we absolutely love it.


  1. It tastes amazing

While some Mount Maunganui locals drive up the Kaimais to get their clean, fresh, spring water. We get to enjoy a similar quality and taste right out of our kitchen tap. That’s because Kangen Water machines filter out nasties (like chlorine) and alter the molecular structure of the water for a smooth drinking experience. We have literally become water snobs!

  1. It’s super hydrating

In fact, some studies have shown that Kangen Water is 6 times more hydrating than regular tap water. That’s because the machine takes your water through an electrolysis process that causes the water to ‘mirco-cluster’ and become more accessible through cell membranes.

  1. It helps support an alkaline environment in your body

Kangen Water machines are most famous for the electrolysis process that they take your tap water through to create 8.5-9.5pH drinking water. Many scientists have shown that diseases cannot survive in an alkaline environment. So, together with eating an alkaline-rich diet, we drink alkalised* water to further enhance our health.

*Please note that alkalised Kangen Water should not be mistaken for ‘Alkaline Water’ which has its pH chemically altered and is a growing fad in the health and wellness industry.

  1. It replaces most cleaning products

Kangen water isn’t just for drinking. Many of the machines also make a range of waters from 2.5pH (acidic water) right through to 11.5pH (alkalised water). The 2.5pH Hypochlorous Acid has been shown to kill most viruses and bacteria, making it the perfect, non-toxic cleaning product for surfaces in your home. Add your favourite essential oil to the water to make your home smell amazing!

  1. It’s an essential beauty product

Beauty products, especially ‘clean’ toxin-free ones can be expensive. So, we were delighted to discover that Kangen Water isn’t just for drinking and cleaning with. It also produces 6.0pH ‘Beauty Water’ which (if sprayed on your skin) acts as a natural toner and helps rebalance your skin’s natural pH.

  1. It filters nasty chemicals out of our water

While ‘filter’ isn’t the main feature that we rave about on our Kangen machine, it certainly adds to the mix of important benefits of drinking and bathing in its water. We feel good knowing our whole family is drinking water with a reduced load of chemicals.

  1. It removes toxic pesticide and herbicide residue off fruit and vegetables

That’s right! You heard it here. Kangen Water machines make 11.5pH water which acts as an emulsifier, helping remove many oil-based chemicals off our fruit and veg. We just fill up a bowl and soak our fresh food before consuming. Often, you can see the residue left in water.

  1. It supports our chiropractic care

Ever since Dr David became a chiropractor over 15 years ago, he has always encouraged his patients to drink a glass of water immediately after an adjustment. That’s because hydration is so important in supporting disc/joint mobility and supporting the nervous system to function properly. So, it feels great to be combining the best water available with our chiropractic care.

  1. It keeps our plants thriving and flowers lasting longer

We’ve tested it out and cut flowers thrive for much longer in Kangen Water than they do in regular tap water. Sometimes weeks longer! We also use the various pH waters in our garden, because some plants thrive in an acidic environment, while others enjoy more alkaline hydration.

  1. It provides our family with a generous second stream of income

Enagic, the company that invented Kangen Water machines over 45 years ago is committed to supporting people globally to become healthier, wealthier and live more environmentally friendly, sustainable lives. Some people buy Kangen machines just for the health benefits. However, many others choose to become distributors for the company to share the love of Kangen. The compensation plan is quite simply the most generous we’ve ever seen!

If you are interested in trialing Kangen Water or would like to know more about the health benefits of drinking Kangen Water in Mount Maunganui, make sure you talk to one of our team at the clinic. Or alternatively, you can email Dr David at david@mtchiro.co.nz


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