Acute Problems

If you are suffering symptoms or direct pain due to a recent injury, incident or event we would describe this as 'acute'.

Our first concern is to make an accurate diagnosis of how the tissue of your spine and nervous system has been damaged and how it is affecting and interfering with the health of your body.

The goal of acute chiropractic care is to relieve your pain, reduce any inflammation that is contributing to your pain and restore normal range of motion to the affected joint. Inflammation is your bodies way of attempting to stabilize an injured area.

It is a two edged sword, in that it compresses an injured body part, prevents movement and increases the level of pain which reminds you not to do anything that may cause further damage.

That being said, it also impedes with the healing process and makes your life miserable in the meantime.

We will utilise chiropractic adjustments, core and range of motion exercises, traction, and other modalities that we determine will be beneficial to your healing.