Fun Things To Do With Kids in Mount Maunganui

Are you looking for fun things to do with your kids in Mount Maunganui? Here are some recommendations from our Mount Maunganui Tauranga chiropractor.

Leisure Island

Down near Mt Maunganui, there is an island called Leisure Island or Moturiki Island. It is aptly named because there used to be a water theme park at one end of the island closest to Mount main beach. The park was decommissioned but that does not spoil the short stroll down to the rocky outcrop at the far end. It is a stunning spot, looking out to sea or back on to the main beach. When the surf is up it is a popular surf beach. A rip tide helps drag surfers out beyond the break, making it an ideal destination when the conditions are right.

Leisure island is a popular spot for fishing. It's easy to cast off the rocks into the turquoise waters surrounding its shore.

For a more adventurous afternoon out, I challenge my kids to walk down to the end of leisure island and rock climb back! The rocks are steep in places and mellow out with big rock pools elsewhere. The challenge comes near the end where the rocks become vertical and some resilience comes into play as well as courage.

It's not just the climbing the kids have to focus on. The tide is constantly smashing the rock so there will be spray to consider and the odd slippery rock too. The satisfaction and enjoyment is clear to see on their faces as I lead the endeavour on its rocky course. More fun kid friendly activities to do are on the Pilot bay side of the Mount. Its a short walk from Main beach through to Pilot Bay.

Pilot Bay

Pilot bay is a popular location for hanging out in the long summer months. There is a fishing club at one end of the bay and in front a pontoon, which makes for a popular diving platform for kids to jump in and then swim back to the beach. Even at high tide the waters are quite shallow, so ideal for young families.

It is possible to hire paddle boards or canoes and paddle around the bay There is a fish and chip shop that will service the public at the fishing club. Here you can get your hoki and chips and sit on the harbour and if you time it right, watch the super scaled cruise ships drift onward on their voyage to Australia or the pacific islands. The sheer size of the ships is captivating as they creep out.