Things To Do In Mount Maunganui

Wondering what to do in Mount Maunganui? Here's a recommendation from our Mount Maunganui Tauranga chiropractor.

Climbing Mt Maunganui

Mt Maunganui or Mauie its native name sits on the end of a spit of land that used to be the destination of family holidays. Beaches dotted sparsely sitting in the shadow of this beautiful volcano, on one side stunning beaches and the other a natural harbour. Present day it is one of the most sought after locations to live in New Zealand. Cutely named the Mount there is one attraction that must be conquered as so many locals and tourists alike, to climb Mt Maunganui.

The Mount can be climbed from both sides, or simply take a stroll around the base track which is a magnificent testimonial of quintessential New Zealand. Turquoise water, lapping rock pools, seals basking in the sun, towering container ships cruise past almost close enough to touch as you meander round the track. Watch out for baby buggies and determined runners, who all share the wide track that wraps around Mauie’s waste.

The climb is steep but short. It can be scaled in 20 minutes and certainly gets the heart rate going. Approach from the surf club side and the climb is immediate. Up past pohutukawa trees, the path leads through steep fields dotted with sheep, up through swing gates to the narrowing lower track. Here the climb folks where you can take a shaded route up stairs that take you up through trees to the summit. The sunny Northern route takes you under a rock face where adventurous climbers hoops are dotted up the cliff. Round the path goes until it meets with the 4 wheel drive track, which is steep and can be taken up to the summit or descend back down to the Harbour side of the walk.

The route up from the harbour side takes you up past the sheep fields, then into the forest scrub on to the 4 wheel drive track. It's steep and meanders up. There are no steps on this side so less stress on the legs, but equally good for the lungs.

The summit is breathtaking. Wherever you look you see the most beautiful views. The bustling harbour with its cranes and tugs busy pushing and pulling these monstrous ships in and out. The hub of Tauranga’s commercial muscle is under your feet, working 24/7. North of the Mount you see Matahina island, covered in pine forest and long white sandy beach, a surfers paradise when the swell is up. The island stretches up towards Waihi. You can even make out the outline of the Coromandel coast. South East of Mauie is the now populated Mt Maunganui. There is not a spare section of land that is not used. How times have changed since the completion of the connecting bridge to mainland Tauranga. Come rain, wind or shine, the Mount climb is a must.

Activities at the Base

At the base of the mount there are options. To silence a bribed child there is a fabulous ice cream parlour, with home made cones, ice cream and sorbet. Even an adult will be tempted to indulge.

At the base of the Mount is a campsite and attached to the campsite is another attraction of the Mount, the hot pools. Naturally occuring hot springs have been tapped to create an array of different temperature pools that is the perfect remedy for aching bones.